Bizarre Video Shows Runaway Toilets Chasing People During Storm

Powerful summer storms have sent runaway portable toilets chasing pedestrians in central Moscow, according to Russian news site

Video of the chaos uploaded to Twitter on Friday shows the fast-moving blue port-a-potties sliding across Red Square in the Russian capital as people move out of their way.

Even the toilets are fleeing from the bloody regime, Twitter user EugeneDX14 wrote, apparently referencing the Russian government under President Vladimir Putin.

Strong winds were pushing the portable toilets across the rain-slick sidewalks between the Moscow Museum of Archaeology and the World War of 1812 Museum, according to RT.

Video of the hilarious scene went viral on Twitter and toilet jokes abounded.

The sliding port-a-potty reminded many people of the iconic British sci-fi show Doctor Who,about an alien-like doctor who explores the universe in a time-traveling blue police box called the TARDIS.

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