Funny Cats Compilation 2016 – Best Funny Cat Videos Ever 2017

we follow the money. you make it possible.
You know everyone thinks we're fools, right?

To most of the world, blogging is a joke.

It isn't a career. It isn't a way to make money. It isn't a tool for changing the world.

It's a hobby, a diversion, a fad that'll come and go. Sure, you can start a blog, but don't count on it to make you any money. That's just silly.

Try telling your family or friends or coworkers you want to quit your job and make money blogging. They'll smile politely and ask, "Does anybody really make money from that?"

Yes, they want you to have dreams. Yes, they want you to chase them. Yes, they want you to succeed.

Don't use this video on websites, blogs or other media without explicit permission:)
Sexy Cat Making Love To A Blanket To Tom Joney Leave Your Hat On

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