Frankie Muniz Reveals That He Has No Recollection Of Starring In ‘Malcolm In The Middle’

It is inevitable that certain memories will fade as we get older. But whilst we may forget the smaller moments in our lives, significant moments like the day we graduated high school and got married are a lot harder to forget.

You’d certainly think you would remember spending six years you spent as the main character in an Emmy Award-winning show, right? Well, for Frankie Muniz that is not the case. The 31-year-old Malcolm in the Middle star revealed that he doesn’t “really remember much” about his time on the show in which he played the title character for six years. The child-star-turned-racing-driver is currently featuring on ABC’s 25th season of Dancing with the Stars. It was during a rehearsal clip on the show that Muniz made the shocking revelation. Talking to the camera, the Golden Globe nominated actor said:

“Most people would think that my most memorable year would be the year Malcolm in the Middle started, because it allowed me to live all these dreams of mine … I’ve got to really do anything I wanted to do but the truth is I don’t really remember much of that … It almost feels like it wasn’t me.”

Muniz shot to fame in 2000 when 23 million people tuned in to watch the first episode of Malcolm in the Middle. The show instantly became a hit, throwing a teenage Muniz into the spotlight. In 2006, Muniz let acting take a back seat (quite literally) when he chose to pursue a career as a race car driver and signed a two-year deal with Jensen Motorsport. This career change would see the star avoid fame and lay relatively low for a number of years until he resurfaced to take part in Dancing with the Stars, where he attempted to fill in the blanks about his life between 2006 and the present. However, a dramatic health scare in 2012 meant that recalling his past was a challenge for the actor… On November 30, 2012, Muniz was hospitalized after a “mini stroke”. The health scare left the then 26-year-old actor “miserable”. But his misery was to intensify almost a year to the day later when he suffered a second mini stroke. “Hopefully that will be the last,” a clearly frustrated Muniz wrote on Twitter. He would later maintain that the two serious mini strokes hadn’t affected him in any way and that he was simply “lucky to be alive”. However, it would appear that wasn’t entirely true as Muniz confirmed on Dancing with the Stars:

“I am not actually sure how my memory loss started. I have had nine concussions, I’ve had a fair amount of mini strokes … I’m not saying that those things correlate exactly to the reason why my memory isn’t that great … I’ve never really talked about it. My girlfriend Paige writes every single day what we did. I love to be able to look back. It makes me feel a little sad, like it doesn’t just pop back into my mind. You know what, I’m like ‘I should have remembered going to Australia.’”

The interview also featured Muniz’s Malcolm in the Middle co-star Brian Cranston who proudly declared: “They are still [his] experiences, my job is to tell him to remember what happened on Malcolm in the Middle.” Cranston, now a household name following his role as Walter White in the hit series Breaking Bad, played Muniz’s on-screen father in MITM, and it is clear that the 61-year-old actor still views himself as a father figure to his “son”. Despite his difficult past, Muniz remains positive, confidently telling Dancing with the Stars:

“I’ve learned to live in the present. I’m happy with my acting career, I’m happy with the decision I made to go race cars and to focus on music. Even if I don’t remember at all, I’m happy. Everything I’ve done up until this point is exactly what I’ve wanted to do and I’m happy. Even doing Dancing with the Stars. It’s perfect! And I love it.”

Muniz certainly isn’t allowing his memory to interfere with his dancing, and the former child star is a serious contender in this year’s competition! Watch him throw some serious shapes…

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