Selena Gomez’s Mom Rushed To Hospital Over Row About Justin Bieber

It’s difficult to watch someone go through a really hard time and help them recover, only to see them throw all their progress away and jump right back into their old situation. Unfortunately, this was the case for Selena Gomez’s mother.

Parents just want what’s best for their children, so it couldn’t have been easy finding out that Selena was back together with her seemingly toxic ex, Justin Beiber. Selena and Justin have been on again and off again for years, and many of Selena’s family members blame Justin for the difficult personal problems Selena has faced recently. Her family has made no secret of the fact that they don’t like him and do not want him around her. One family member said, “Justin is a vile human and will never be accepted by us. As long as she is even speaking to him in any way, it is not only disrespectful to everyone around her, it is disrespectful to herself.” Selena’s family believe the way Justin treated her is the reason she went to rehab for depression. It doesn’t seem to matter that Justin is trying to turn himself around, allegedly consulting his pastor about decisions regarding his relationships. The pair have been attending church together regularly and have even entered couples counseling in an attempt to make this reconciliation work for the long haul. However, it was apparently the news that the couple is in therapy together that sent Selena’s mother over the edge.

While Selena’s mother, Mandy Teefey, knew her daughter was spending time with Justin again, she assumed it wasn’t anything serious and, as usual, would run its course in time. Now, with the news that the couple is working on their relationship and are much more serious than previously believed, Mandy is afraid her daughter is just being set up for another breakdown. This news comes only months after Selena revealed she underwent a kidney transplant in secret. The operation was related to her lupus, and the health crisis certainly couldn’t have been easy for Selena or her family to go through. Allegedly, the day Mandy found out that Selena was in couples therapy with Justin, she was shocked and had an argument with her daughter about the situation. She got so worked up that she actually needed medical attention. Entertainment website, TMZ, reported that, at a family member’s request, Los Angeles police visited Mandy at a hotel to do a welfare check. She was then voluntarily taken to a local hospital for treatment. It is important to note that Selena’s mother was voluntarily treated, so was most likely suffering the effects of extreme stress such as high blood pressure, exhaustion, anxiety, or dizziness. However, if left untreated, extreme stress can cause life-threatening conditions. So what do you think? Has Justin really changed his ways? Selena’s family don’t seem to think so. Perhaps when someone has repeatedly caused a lot of heartache and pain in the past, it’s hard to believe they could ever be any different. We wish Selena and her mother all the best. Perhaps things really will work out for Selena and Justin this time around, though all things considered, I’m pretty sure a lot of people would prefer if they didn’t.

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