Trump wants the U.S. military to have a ‘space force’

Trump is calling for a military branch called the 'space force'

Move over, Air Force. President Donald Trump wants a ‘space force.’

In a speech to personnel at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego on Tuesday, Trump suggested a new military branch that would, presumably, go to infinity and beyond.

“My new national strategy for space recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air and sea,” said Trump. “We may even have a ‘space force’—develop another one—space force. We have the Air Force. We’ll have the space force. We have the Army, the Navy.”

He failed to mention the Coast Guard or the Marines.

“I said ‘maybe we need a new force. We’ll call it the space force.’ Not really serious,” he said, reportedly to mixed laughter. “And then I said ‘What a great idea. Maybe we’ll have to do that.’ That could happen.”

According to Gizmodo, despite Trump taking full credit for the suggestion, military leaders last year said space is the next war frontier (as they were requesting funding).

After Trump renewed the “space force” proposal, Twitter completely roasted him.

dude……space force

— Mike Miller (@OtherMikeMiller) March 13, 2018

Actual footage of tRump ispecting his new "Space Force":

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